Our lives are filled with experiences and impressions created by the 5 senses – sight – hearing – touch –  taste – smell. All senses evoke memories, emotions and moods. However, there are three senses that stand out when working with perfume. Taste, touch, and smell often combine in evoking the aesthetic experience of the individual.

Memories of the scent in your first new car. The fresh laundry that brings you back to the last hot summer day. The taste of sweet strawberries. The list of memories and emotions that can be transformed into fragrance is long.

Skilled perfumers work creatively to develop the perfume that gives your memories life. Driven by trends and the desire for innovation, they create a match between perfume and market. And they have a nose for it!

Our collaboration with IFF Fragrance ensures our customers access to products that are developed with the latest technology, combined with great creativity from an international manufacturer, which specialises in perfume composition for FMCG and the fine fragrance market.

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